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Africa Food Manufacturing 2019

About Africa Food Manufacturing 2019

Find out the latest technologies for the entire lifecycle of the food manufacturing industry and learn various cutting-edge techniques in the 8th edition of Africa Food Manufacturing!

Ingredients: Discover the hottest trends, innovations, tastes and flavours featured together under one roof. Meet multiple suppliers that have all the commodities and ingredients needed for your business.

Processing: Find out the latest machineries and technologies that will enhance your processing procedure and improve your production lines to cater to your fast-growing number of clients

Packaging: Get introduced to a wide variety of solutions and the highest performance equipment in the packaging industry, ranging from packaging materials, machineries and printing solutions.

Logistics: Uncover global solutions in the supply chain of the food and beverage industry that will guarantee your products reach your customers in the fastest and most efficient way.


Automation and Robotics: Discover the latest machines and systematic solutions that will enable you to optimize your commodity’s production process and familiarize yourself with the latest technologies and applications in the industry.

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