Hygiene equipment and accessories

Hygiene Equipment and Accessories

– robust separate unit to sterilize individuals before entering food facilities.

– Made according to all hygiene bylaws.

– available in single- double- triple designs.

– Fully made of high grade stainless steel 304L.

description: used to separate all solid bodies from entering the main drain through 3 different gradual filtering stages.

  • Odour proof
  • Fully made of high grade stainless steel 304L
  • Tailored in different shapes and dimensions to suit all usages
  • Our Hygiene Entrance Unit is the most sufficient unit for aquick hygienicentrance. We ensure that hands and shoes are fully sanitized through different stages: hands washing- hands drying- hands sanitizing- boots cleaning and sanitizing.

  • The machine is equipped with a turnstile gate that only opens after finishing the previous steps, to make sure that each individual have passed through the previous steps.
  • level indicators for both soap and sanitizer are provided
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